So You’re Thinking About Buying Mountain Property?

Buying Mountain Property in Tennessee

From the Clingman’s Dome in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the east to Snake Mountain in Johnson County all the way over to the west, Tennessee boasts some impressive mountain landscapes. Many people are drawn to the beauty of mountains and the amazing views that you get being on top of them. Others are drawn to mountains because of a love of the outdoor lifestyle. In Tennessee, you can enjoy hiking, climbing, rafting, and caving. Another reason to be drawn to land in the mountains of Tennessee is the price. Plots are still affordable and plentiful.

Let’s look at some tips for buying a mountain property in Tennessee.

Tip #1: Location

Location, location, and location are laws of real estate. Tennessee might be the 16th smallest state, but it packs a lot into its 42,000 square miles. Think about whether you want to be close to one of the larger cities or if you want to be more rural. Both have their advantages and attractions, and it depends entirely on your needs and preferences. Do you need access to jobs, or are you retired or able to work remotely? Do your kids need to attend school, where will you shop and get your groceries, and what kind of health facilities are nearby? Consider your lifestyle needs to find the perfect location.

Tip #2: Go for a Drive and Visit the Property

Sitting on your couch and scrolling the land listings online, it’s easy to get drawn in by the beautiful pictures. However, photographs and descriptions cannot replace going to see the property. Firstly, by driving there, you get a sense of where the property is in relation to surrounding towns and amenities. Secondly, if you are looking for a piece of land in an area that you’re unfamiliar with, spending time getting to know it better, can help you avoid surprises down the line. Speaking about surprises …

Tip #3: Check the Accessibility of the Land

Mountains have microclimates. The higher up you go, the colder it can get, and the more it snows. You want to be sure that you can access the property year-round. While it’s fine to drive up a mountain on a fine summer’s day, have a look at road conditions, and the weather stats, and ask the local inhabitants what it’s like in the winter months. If some old bearded guy takes one look at your sedan and starts chuckling, you should probably consider upgrading to something with 4-Wheel Drive.

Tip #4: Figure out What You’ll Be Doing with that Land

Building a home, or setting up a homestead, is more difficult on land that isn’t flat. Go over the piece of land, and get yourself a good topographical map, to determine where you’ll be able to build, and, in case it’s part of your plan, to build animal enclosures or grow any crops. Consult experts and local builders to be sure the picturesque, mountain-side cabin you see in your dreams can indeed be built, and how much extra it might cost you because of the terrain.

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